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2015 Client Survey Comments

"Everyone is ALWAYS so friendly and caring!!" 1/1/2015


"I don't know what I'd do if your team wasn't there for me. Emily is still alive today, I'm sure because of the thorough work provided by Dr. Glenn and Dr. Laura and their support staff. They've provided me with reasonable options that I can afford." 1/5/2015

"My pets and myself are treated like family. Everyone always goes above and beyond to take care of us!" 1/5/2015


"We love it here. Everyone is so friendly and kind to my pets." 1/5/2015


"Good caring kind people." 1/10/2015


"All three of our cats were rescue kitties. I feel sure that our Andie might have died had it not been for the care he received from Dr. Rex, Dr. Glenn, and Dr. Laura. The staff is always friendly and helpful." 1/16/2015


"We (meaning people and pets) are always treated with respect, thoughtfulness, and interest. Staff listens and responds. Thank you!" 1/16/2015

"5 Stars because I love you guys! You are all the best! Wouldn't take my pups anywhere else!" 1/17/2015


"Veterinarians and staff are always very friendly and helpful. Our animals have always received wonderful care and you tell they love what they do." 1/22/2015


"Cherry got her manicure done by your super techs and she looks gorgeous! Our Vizsla is a wild one when it comes to touching her paws/nails. Your techs are very patient with Cherry, giving her treats and comforting her with soothing words. Thank you!" 1/30/2015


"Laura made me feel like she really cared about Angus' well being. She and the vet tech were both very knowledgeable and professional. They explained everything in great detail." 1/31/2015


"Friendly and competent staff. The docs really care about our pet's health." 2/2/2015


"I appreciate and like the caring individual attention that is given when I visit the clinic. All my concerns are addressed in a way that is understandable and easy for me to follow, prescribed good medical directions for me to care for my pet." 2/2/2015


"The staff was very professional but still very friendly and made us all feel very welcome. They knew what they were talking about and even helped us learn things we didn't know about our pet. It was a wonderful visit!" 2/4/2015


"I had an appointment with a technician but had another concern with my pet and so without an appointment with the vet, I was still in and out in a timely manner. Dr. Stacy squeezed me into her busy schedule and took care of the issue. Great job!" 2/6/2015


"The whole staff is absolutely fantastic." 2/8/2015


"It took a long time to see the vet but my appointment was scheduled on very short notice. Our verbal cost estimate was off by a lot but the care was excellent." 2/12/2015


"We always feel that you are truly concerned about Lucy and us. You always get us in right away as we "worried" parents are stressing when she is sick." 2/12/2015


"All my questions were answered in a way a layman could understand. Also the follow up call was much appreciated." 2/19/2015


"They are so friendly and treat you and your pet with a great amount of respect. No question is a stupid question and they take so much explaining everything. Their customer service is second to none." 2/23/2015


"Good vets. Need less tests that cost big money and more answers. If I have to have x-rays, labs, fecal sample tests, urine tests, ultrasounds, or ekgs every time I go then I can't give my pets the care that I should. I have to consider cheaper."2/24/2015


"We have lived here less than a year and every visit to CVC has exceeded our expectations whether it be the courtesy of the staff, their efficiency, fast check-out, or the professional atmoshpere. We would absolutely recommend CVC to our family and friends." 3/3/2015


"The staff are always friendly and courteous. Everyone we encounter is knowledgeable and helpful. They take time to listen and address any concerns. The animals are treated well, played with, cuddled and well taken care of. Appointments are prompt. 3/5/2015


"Knowledge and compassion...a winning combination." 3/7/2015


"I have always felt my animals have gotten the best care at the clinic. The staff and doctors have been knowledgeable and kind no matter what we were there for." 3/12/2015


"Trust the information I get from the vet. Been coming here for years and have not been steered wrong yet." 3/13/2015


"Awesome facility and staff." 3/14/2015


"Country Veterinary Clinic has always been very good to our pets and to us when we have been there. They are a great group of people." 3/16/2015


"The support, love, and patience and knowledge is abundant." 3/24/2015


"Always kind and considerate. We have had to have 3 of our husky/malamutes put to sleep due to health issues. Dr. Payne even came to our home and treated our little husky has if it was his child's dog. Dr. Glenn and his wife, and Anya are the best!" 3/25/2015


"High-end customer service. The veterinarian was very compassionate and caring." 3/27/2015


"Dr. Glenn is so kind and thorough. The techs and clerical staff are wonderful too." 3/30/2015


"Dr. Stacy took the time to help us understand and write things down for us so that we could follow the plan as directed and understand why and what is going on." 3/30/2015


"After all these years...the Country Vet Clinic remains a superior location to address any and all of the needs our animals may have. The professional yet kind service is fabulous! Thank you." 4/9/2015


"Staff is accommodating and friendly." 4/9/2015


"Dr. Stacy took time to explain all of the options with dealing with our leukemia cat's issues." 4/11/2015


"Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable." 4/20/2015


"We are extremely happy with our experiences--Dr. Glenn is just the absolute greatest, and the staff has always been nothing but kind and supportive.  We enjoyed Dr. Laura when we worked with her as well.  We've recommended this clinic over and over!" 4/21/2015


"Everyone seemed to be genuinely interested in my pets and were happy to assist us. Very nice staff and doctors." 4/21/2015


"Front desk is super friendly and helpful. Technicians are great and explain what they need to do. Dr. Stacy is super and explains in detail her tests and opinion." 4/25/2015


"Thank you Country Vet for fitting us in to a very busy schedule for an urgent care situation!" 4/26/2015


"I always feel Noel is in good hands and will receive excellent care!" 4/26/2015


"Love the office and people that work there." 4/30/2015


"I have always been pleased with the doctors and staff. All are sincerely concernced about the well being of my pets. They are always willing to answer all of my questions without making me feel rushed." 5/1/2015


"Very caring doctors who listen and answer questions and don't rush! They treat your pet like it's your child. I like that!" 5/3/2015


"Dr. Payne is always wonderful with Charlie, who used to be so skittish around men. I have always appreciated his caring nature and gentleness with her. Also, thanks to Carry and the tech who spent some time outlining the various heartworm and tick options." 5/4/2015


"Always thorough, pleasant, and concerned." 5/4/2015


"We always know that our dogs are getting the best care possible, and our concerns are always addressed." 5/5/2015


"Thanks for getting me in so quickly." 5/7/2015


"Friendly staff. They know my pets by name and make both the pets and myself feel comfortable and relaxed. The doctors are very good about explaining the treatments and side effects." 5/7/2015


"Everyone is always so friendly." 5/14/2015


"Love the staff, kind and compassionate." 5/18/2015


"The veterinarian was extremely knowledgeable about horses and seemed to have a true love for them. I just wish your office was closer to my farm (but no fault of yours)!" 5/18/2015


"You guys are great. We appreicate how quickly you saw Domino and the kind/gentle care you provided. He is doing well, which I believe is due to your prompt intervention. Thank you so much!" 5/19/2015


"Highly recommend. However, prices continue to go northward." 5/21/2015


"Always a wonderful experience with a very caring staff." 5/23/2015


"Heidi isn't afraid to visit and she's always well cared for." 5/25/2015


"Staff that really cares about my dog and her treatment. Very knowledgeable and available." 5/25/2015


"Everyone is always careful and gentle with Cooper andhe seems to enjoy coming in for all the sniffing." 5/30/2015


"Because everyone was awesome! Made me feel like my dog mattered!! Thank you!" 6/4/2015


"Explained possible costs/charges with option to do or not do. Very courteous staff. No feeling of being forced with un-needed extras. Prices charged were also very reasonable. Would highly recommend to others." 6/4/2015


"Caring and very helpful and informative." 6/7/2015


"You are all the best of the best!" 6/8/2015


"I have always had considerate and great service from all staff." 6/13/2015


"Prompt, helpful and caring! The staff at Country Vet Clinic does a wonderful job helping their 4 footed patients (and their 2 footed owners)." 6/16/2015


"You did a great job of providing a clear understanding of what was happening with our dog. Thank you!" 6/18/2015


"Because you are the best! Even my pets are considering a transfer of ownership to you. Thank you immensely for your genuine care of my pets." 7/3/2015


"Kind to my pet and up front with costs and doesn't pressure you into doing things/tests that while helpful not necessarily mandatory." 7/6/2015


"I appreciate your service and care of my injured kitten Velvet." 7/12/2015


"I wish I were an animal, treated by you! I would most likely be healthy!" 7/20/2015


"Staff was friendly and knowledgeable. We felt very comfortable there." 8/3/2015


"You guys were great, kind, caring, efficient and knowledgeable." 8/4/2015


"Lewis and Clark love you guys but their judgement is marginal at times. In this case, we strongly agree with them. Great concerned staff with excellent communication without exception." 8/15/2015


"Knowledgeable, professional, empathetic staff and veterinarians. Extremely understanding of our relationship with our furry family member!" 8/21/2015


"I love Dr. Waldo! She is excellent. I wish that they would offer some kind of discount for multiple pets. I will always go to Dr. Waldo if one of my pets has something wrong but it is a lot cheaper to go to my local vet for a checkup." 9/17/2015


"The time, care and thorough explanation provided by Dr. Laura was incredible. Put us and Rufus at ease and made us feel like we were part of the family." 9/17/2015


"It is a nice calm and friendly vet office." 10/14/2015


"Everyone there seems to love animals and care for them as if they were their own." 11/9/2015


"Everyone at the clinic is so kind, caring and knowledgeable. Our dog Ginger means the world to us and we know she is getting the best care possible there. Thank you everyone at Country Veterinary Clinic." 11/12/2015


"Very good. She is doing a lot better, just need to lower the bill." 11/13/2015


"Thank you for always giving me the time and the care my pets need. You are all amazing and I truly appreciate all you do. Thank you." 11/22/2015


"Great in all ways." 11/22/2015


"I feel my cats get the best care possible when they see Dr. Glenn at the Country Veterinary Clinic. I can always depend on the best advice for the best care of my cats. I would 100% recommend the clinic to others." 11/25/2015


"Everyone is nice and professional. We loved Dr. Laura and her concern for Lucy." 12/3/2015


"I have gone here all my life. The doctors and staff here are kind, helpful and extremely competent; the clinic is very clean and comforting. I am glad to have such a wonderful place to take our beloved pets and would highly recommend them!" 12/4/2015


"I am so grateful to Dr. Glenn, Dr. Laura and the rest of the staff for the wonderful care given to my animals. I appreciate the extra time and attention given to Brody as he struggles with nerves and fear at the office. Five stars!" 12/4/2015


"The staff was great, they answered all of my questions and were more than willing to help us care for their puppy! The vet told us if we had any more questions to give the office a call! Also, the cost was reasonable!" 12/5/2015


"You are all the best at what you do! Love you all!" 12/5/2015


"Great staff and prompt service with reasonable rates." 12/7/2015


"I always feel my pets are given the best care possible." 12/8/2015


"You are all very caring to my Toby. And every time I bring in Toby, Dr. Stacy knows just how to handle his problems." 12/14/2015


"Always get excellent care and service for our pets." 12/14/2015


"My pet was spayed there this week. The girls at the front desk were quick to greet us and the techs came right up to get my dog from me, who I was nervous to bring in. She has super anxiety and went right to them. Everything was quick and absolutely smooth." 12/19/2015


"Always a helpful and wonderful experience." 12/21/2015


"Always professional, always friendly, always respond to urgent care cases, entire staff shows a deep caring for the well-being of the animals." 12/21/2015


"Dr. Laura is my partner in Coalie's wellness and quality of life, especially now in her senior years. Coalie loves to come and visit her friends at Country Veterinary!" 12/21/2015


"Always trusting that I will get excellent care for my pets."  12/24/2015


"Love everyone there, you truly care about the animals. Best vet we've ever been to." 12/27/2015


"I think CVC is a terrific clinic. I have had the opportunity to work with all the veterinarians on staff and have found that each one is caring, considerate and compassionate. The support staff is just as awesome!" 12/28/2015