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2016 Client Survey Comments

"Very friendly, kind and knowledgeable." 12/31/16


"Our cat is a leukemia cat but more important, she is the therapy cat for my husband with dementia. Your skilled vets give me all the help they can to keep her healthy with all the strikes against. I really appreciate the level of care provided." 12/30/16


"Dr. Laura is a partner with me in extending Coalie's life and ensuring her well-being. Everyone is very caring and my Coalie always receives the best of caring and professional care. Coalie loves people and for her, she is visiting friends." 12/26/16


"The vet was in and out very quickly but didn't provide me with the chance to create an actual relationship with the vet that I like to have. When I asked about a certain vaccine I was talked to in a somewhat condescending tone." 12/26/16


"My pets and I have always been treated with the utmost respect and helpfulness. I think we have the best Vet, who cares and listens to any concerns I have.. The rest of the staff is great also." 12/19/16


"You are the BEST! I have never had anything I would change in working with your clinic. I have had many experiences with other vets over my lifetime some better than others but I repeat, Country Vet Clinic is the BEST." 12/10/16


"We really appreciated everyone listening and acting on all of our concerns." 12/10/16


"Because the doctors and the staff are just the best!!!" 12/9/16


"I'm a repeat customer from 16 years ago. Dr Rex has always been considerate and kind to our pets." 12/3/16


"Your staff are good to my pets." 11/18/16


"All staff appeared knowledgeable & professional. My puppy had a good experience despite being poked & prodded -- especially important for a young dog." 11/18/16


"great care, but a little expensive" 11/12/16


"Everyone is so nice and cares for the animal we brought in. The doctor explains everything to us. We are very confident our animal is getting excellent care." 11/12/16


"I was very happy with the care and concern of our new little family pet pig. I was happy Dr Laura called and asked how we wanted to precede when things were not going as planned. And so glad she called when she was done to let us know how he was doing." 11/3/16


"Great experience with staff and Dr. Stacy." 11/3/16


"The speed & efficiency of the staff was amazing. We did not see the Vet. Blood work was all that was required. The atmosphere was pleasant & welcoming." 11/3/16


"Everyone we met at country veterinary clinic was very friendly and helpful. I felt that the staff was interested in the best interest of my pet and me." 10/7/16


"Everyone there treats pets and people wonderfully, and they are very knowledgeable." 10/6/16


"Liked everything so far, hoping to come back in again and have another good experience -otherwise this would be a 5 star rating. Staff was much more courteous and willing to explain things compared to my previous veterinarian." 9/26/16


"We are very satisfied with the care Dharma and Mya get from all of you at your clinic, and plan to continue bringing them to you.  Thank you." 9/25/16


"The staff was great! My cats came home after being fixed in great shape. They were able to move around and even play some." 9/17/16


"Have been with Rex for 100 years when he was in Vet training wheels. :)" 9/13/16


"The staff and vets all are wonderful caring knowledgable people!!" 8/19/16


"Very kind staff and excellent service." 8/18/16


"I was very impressed that Dr. Payne was not at all pushy, he explained the reason when asked and understood when I declined no further discussion on it." 8/6/16


"Since putting my pets under the care of Dr. Waldo and the Country Veterinary Clinic, I found that my pets are healthier. I can depend on their friendliness and caring compassion to keep me and my cats happy." 7/24/16


"Everyone is friendly and the Drs and techs treat my pets so nice.  None of my pets are afraid to see them." 7/22/16


"We also received fabulous service. Thank you!" 7/18/16"Professional but friendly staff. Cleanliness of facilities." 7/20/16


"In my opinion, this office is the best in town. Not only have I NOT had any negative experience here, unlike other places, but Country Clinic exceeds my expectations for what an animal hospital should be. Caring and attentive." 7/17/16


"Dr Glenn is truly awesome! Besides his obvious knowledge and expertise, he shares his heart with our family--and we all love and appreciate him." 7/17/16


"Great caring service!" 7/16/16


"I absolutely love this veterinary office! My pets have been treated by multiple vets within the office and for both routine and emergency visits. The staff and vets are fabulous! Recommend them to anyone I talk to!!!" 7/15/16


"Guess you can tell we are very happy there with everybody, have been for years!" 7/15/16


"Country Veterinary Clinic has cared for all of my pets sense 2002. I have never had a bad experience with them. They have always been friendly and has shown interest in the health of my pets. And that includes Dogs and Ferrets." 7/10/16


"I love everyone at Country Vet Clinic. I feel that we receive the best possible care! Everyone is so friendly and yet very professional." 7/8/16


"This was my first visit in your office and I was extremely pleased. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I loved the interaction the staff had with my dogs." 7/8/16


"Great place to take your fur kid.  :) " 7/7/16


"Treated my cooper with care and gentleness." 7/3/16


"The staff is always friendly and is the only vet I've been to that from the receptionist to the doctor seems to legitimately care about my pets. They work on keeping my costs low so care for them instead of paying for unnecessary care." 7/1/16


"The Dr was pretty rough with me about Max's weight. Said in front of other customers that Max needs to loose 15-20 lbs. it was only after I told him he has lost 20lbs once it was recognized his weight issue was due to his thyroid." 6/13/16


"My cat and dog were given every good caring treatment." 6/11/16


"First time appointment with Dr Rex and he made me feel like he really cared about Daley. My vet in Little Rock wonderful and I got the same feeling with you."  5/29/16


"Always great service and friendly staff." 5/29/16


"Dr. Laura and staff are caring and make us feel secure that our Buster is getting the best treatment possible!" 5/20/16


"I trust you." 5/20/16


"Having have me wait 40 minutes in the waiting room than have the veins missed twice ended up having my dog get stressed like I have never seen him before. If you run behind let me know so I can at least walk the property." 5/19/16


"Due to a medical emergency with another dog we were kept waiting longer than usual. Perfectly understandable and I commend you for that. If it were my pet I'm sure I would expect that also." 5/16/16


"We have always loved Dr. Rex's caring manner. This was our first visit w/Dr. Stacy. She's been wonderful during this tough time; explaining possibilities & our options & continuing to try & find solutions after we left the office." 5/15/16


"Attentive, personal, caring, informative, pleasant - everything I need and want in a veterinary clinic!" 5/13/16


"I have been coming to your clinic since I have had Toby - 6 years. We are treated like we are family and we feel so at ease. Since November and Toby's diagnosis with Lyme's disease - and with all our visits everyone has been wonderful." 5/12/16


"Good care of my pet. Staff pleasant and caring." 5/11/16


"Everyone is so helpful and friendly. Dr. Laura is exceptional!" 5/10/16


"We have always received great care for our animals." 5/9/16


"All the staff are phenomenal and truly care about the clients and the patients." 5/6/16


"Very friendly and courteous staff. They get you in right away when an emergency occurs with your pet." 5/3/16


"Your experience was a major factor but your kindness and concern and follow up with Roxy was very much appreciated. We feel like you really care!" 5/3/16


"Very caring, knowledgable, professional." 5/2/16


"The entire staff, no matter what their title, are knowlegable and efficient. Our 'fur babies' have never shown any anxiety when we go for our visits.... Country Vet is a very 'happy place for humans and FUR BABIES'. Thank You Country Vet!" 4/28/16


"Dr. Laura was very helpful and concerned about Zoe's reaction to her last set of shots. She discussed the options and her concerns and we came up with a plan and went forward. PS: Zoe did not have a reaction to the shot. Thank you!" 4/28/16


"My cat of 16 years that has never had a problem decided to get a urinary tract infection. They fit me into their schedule, took good care of my cat. And she's doing great. I was so glad that they fit me into their full schedule." 4/24/16


"I've always appreciated the consistent confidence when bringing my pets to Country Clinic! No matter who I talk to, my needs and concerns are addressed with care." 4/24/16


"My family and I are new to Ludington. Your office came highly recommend from friends we have met in the area. Your staff was warm & welcoming! Dr.Stacy was very knowledgeable & patient with my dog. Everyone made us feel right at home. :) Thank you!" 4/21/16


"The staff was very friendly and helpful." 4/21/16


"We are so grateful to have such kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, and friendly vets and their staff! Keep up the fantastic work.  :)" 4/18/16


"Lil Bear was hit by a car and everyone rushed to get us in a room and taken care of. The urgency to our situation was greatly appreciated. Lil Bear is doing great and so far acts likes his old self. Thank you, Thank you to all who helped us!!!" 4/18/16


"We have always been treated with sincerity and caring." 4/14/16


"5 star awesome staff and service. I feel like you really care about my pet and want what is best for him." 4/11/16


"I feel very confident that you have my dogs best interest." 4/10/16


"Very professional and courteous.  Took the time necessary to get acquainted with my pet as a new patient and myself.  Very impressed with the clinic and the entire staff.  Being new to the community, I am extremely pleased with Country Veterinary Clinic." 4/7/16


"The staff has treated us like family and been extremely kind to our furry family members and given them the best care.  From the Drs., the technicians, the receptionists, you guys are the greatest!" 4/7/16


"Brody, even though I've had him to 2 trainers for his anxiety, is treated with care and concern. Dr Glenn has always made me feel that he cares just as much about Brody, as any other dog. The entire staff is wonderful." 4/4/16


"It is worth it to drive out there!!!" 4/3/16


"Excellent service...excellent our Vet." 3/31/16


"I am extremely happy with Dr. Laura. She is wonderful with my dogs. I am struggling with the rising costs. Every year it's higher and higher. Dr Payne only charged for one office call with more than one animal. I spent 501.00 for 2 dogs." 3/29/16


"We were very pleased on how our pets were treated." 3/27/16


"I was very pleased with the promptness, care, friendliness and professionalism." 3/26/16


"Always feel that they take a personal interest in our pets." 3/19/16


"We have been elsewhere and from the very beginning, seeing Dr. Laura, I've felt very comfortable with her. She is very knowledgeable and kind, and treats our pets with love. All of the staff that we have encountered has been great." 3/19/16


"Been a client for years and have always been satisfied with the care for all of my pets.  Dr. Glenn and Dr. Laura have even called me on their private time to check on the welfare of my 1st dog." 3/17/16


"Very caring environment. Left with a better understanding of both dogs' health issues, shots updated, heartworm blood tests, fecal tests, and heartworm meds." 3/17/16


"Our dog is like our baby and we wouldn't trust anyone else but the vets there." 3/17/16


"Great staff, knowledgeable and caring. Everyone is so kind." 3/17/16


"Dr. Stacy is a great person with whom to trust your pet." 3/17/16


"Everything was great.  :-) " 3/14/16


"You treat our pets compassionately. You make us feel welcome." 3/14/16


"I gave you 5 stars because you have a great staff! Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable and genuinely care about your pet. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Keep up the good work!" 3/6/16


"Always have a good experience when I bring one of my animals to CVC." 3/4/16


"I brought in a urine sample to test for sugar because my dog was drinking more water. Your lab checked sugar--normal--but also did a urine analysis & found she had a "raging bladder infection." Thank you for being thorough! Now on meds. :-)" 3/3/16


"We are always pleased with the service we receive at CVC. Very complete care!" 3/3/16


"Why? Because I love you guys! You always do a great job!" 2/27/16


"Always shows compassion with my animals. They really care about my animals and do the best. They treat there clients like they would like to be treated. I thank them for that. Been going there for over 10 years there." 2/21/16


"Everyone is always very professional and treat you like family and concerned about the health of your pet. Everything is explained very well and I've never left with questions." 2/19/16


"I found everyone to have excellent customer service. Those that tended to our dog were very compassionate to her and genuinely sympathetic. I have to say SO FAR she is showing NO signs of relapsing and continues to improve. Time will tell. Thank U!" 2/19/16


"Easy to get an appointment, friendly and informative!" 2/15/16


"All are so friendly, greet us by name. You take good care of my dogs." 2/13/16


"The instrument used to check the pressures in the eyes was clearly in need of maintenance. We needed results and answers and left kind of feeling that we were being see around other patients and not being properly attended to." 2/12/16


"You all know what your doing, and do it well." 2/12/16


"Dr Glenn has taken exquisite care of our pets for years, and we trust his advice and decisions. I have recommended his care, as well as that of Dr Laura and Dr Rex, for years and will continue to do so." 2/9/16


"Professional staff, in and out quickly with all our questions answered, instructions given both orally and in writing so we knew what we needed to do. Excellent experience :)" 2/1/16


"Our family has always brought our pets to Country Clinic, back to when Rex was there alone. Over all these years, we have had the best care for our pets and always recommend you to those looking for a good vet. Thank you doctors and staff." 1/31/16


"Quality of care meets all expectations!" 1/28/16


"Compassionate, caring & knowledgeable people. What more can you ask for!" 1/23/16


"Dr. Glenn was excellent in his care and professional concern for [our dog]. She has never been examined so thoroughly before, and she has seen other vets (an another county) in her lifetime. We bothleft happy and we will be back! THANKS!!!" 1/18/16


"I feel comfortable and more importantly I see that Bentley is getting the care he needs." 1/15/16


"First visit was a wonderful experience. The vet spent a lot of time with us during the puppy exam and answered all my questions. The office was clean and inviting. Look forward to continuing this relationship through the years!" 1/14/16


"The staff is very nice and they make you feel welcome. I really like how encouraging the vet is, they tell you what you are doing right as pet owner which is nice to hear." 1/11/16


"My dogs love coming there, the office always clean.. The staff , all of the Vets are the most compassionate I know. I put down three of my furry friends and they have always made sure I had privacy, plus time to say bye. In summary: FANTASTIC!!!" 1/10/16


"All my animals have received excellent care." 1/9/16


"I have gone to CVC for many, many years with various pets. With the exception of one visit about 2 1/2 years ago, your service has been exceptional. My precious pets and I thank you very much." 1/8/16


"Staff was very friendly and knowledgeble. They took their time on my pet and really gave him all the attention he needed in addition to addressing all of my concerns." 1/4/2016


"Excellent emergent care for our very ill kitty! Thank you for all your care and expertise!" 1/2/2016


"The doctors here are so caring, compassionate, knowledgeable, thorough, and trustworthy. Dr. Laura is awesome!" 1/1/2016


"Dr. Glenn is very thorough with a tremendous bedside manner. He spent extra time going over all the possibilities for our cat and it is clear that he truly cares. I would strongly recommend him to anyone." 1/1/2016