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Our Internet Pharmacy

Visit our online pharmacy store and buy flea, tick and heartworm prevention, prescription and non-prescription food, as well as thousands of other products and medications at prices competitive with major online pharmacies.   All products available online are priced less than we can sell them in the clinic, because the products ship directly to you from our pharmacy logistics provider.  


When you order from our online store, the medications comes directly from the same pharmacy that we order from in the clinic.  The product is legal, in the original FDA-approved packaging and carries all of the manufacturer's guarantees.  Most online pharmacies are NOT supported by a manufacturer's guarantee.


Prescription products requiring doctor approval are either approved or rejected based on your pet's medical information.  Once approved, the items will ship to you. Prescription items purchased over the weekend, or after business hours, will not be approved until the next business day.


All products, including food, can be shipped directly to your home or another location of your choosing.  Simply click on the "Online Store" button on our homepage.  If you have lost or forgotten your password, it can be reset and emailed to you.  If you have ANY questions while trying to order from our online store, please feel free to call us for help.  We'll be happy to offer assistance!


All non-food orders over $49.00 qualify for free standard shipping.


All Royal Canin and Hill's food orders over $49.00 qualifies for free shipping.  Orders under $49.00 qualify for $5.00 flat rate standard shipping.


Please note: Heartworm Disease is passed on to your dog and cat through the bite of an infected mosquito. In order to purchase Heartworm Prevention medication, your dog must have had a Heartworm Test performed within the past year.