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2014 Client Survey Comments

"I trust you always to give my pets the BEST care possible. They love coming to CVC and that is a real compliment given that some of their visits they come in hurt, but they know they are safe!" 12/4/2014


"Everyone has always given us the best care. I wish I wasn't moving from the area so we could continue with this practice." 12/8/2014


"I always recommend you to everyone. The only negative was the half hour wait to see Dr. Glenn, but Dr. Laura had been called into an emergency surgery, so very understandable, and they made apologies; were ver considerate. I love you guys!" 12/11/2014


"We love you guys. So warm, knowledgeable and supportive. Thanks!" 12/12/2014


"So skilled and dedicated! So attentive and caring of our pet, as well as us pet parents! Dr. Laura and the team really take care of our whole family! Thank you for having helped us with our aging pet Rudy and our newest family member, Cooley!" 12/13/2015


"Fantastic past experience and friendly, very affectionate staff." 12/14/2014


"We are partners in Coalie's well-being. She is treated with the methods that I believe in, and the doctors and staff really care about us. I trust my doctor and staff and feel that I am giving Coalie the best care that is available. Coalie loves CVC." 12/14/2015


"You offer very personal service and make me feel that you truly care!" 12/28/2014


"We definitely like coming here, it is great!" 12/19/2014


"Always friendly and helpful. Love my animals as much as me." 12/22/2014


"I wouldn't think of taking my pets anywhere else. Dr. Glenn, along with each staff member, treats my animals like their very own pets. My time is respected and I am always given the needed education to make decisions that are best for my pets. Thanks!" 12/25/2014


"Dr. Glenn is friendly and professional. Helpful with explanation of potential problem and possible treatment. Appreciate his kindness with Rocky." 12/26/2014


"Been with Rex when I had horses and now with my dogs and cats, he's a very caring vet." 12/28/2014