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In-House Laboratory

To offer optimal care for our patients, we maintain an advanced in-clinic network of laboratory equipment. This machinery gives us the capability of performing many important diagnostic tests within our hospital. This allows us access to fast and accurate lab results and offers our patients the quickest options for treatment. We can also monitor trending independant values as well.


We are able to check both routine and non-routine laboratory tests such as blood cell counts, chemistry profiles, electrolyte, thyroid, bile acids, cortisol, frutosamine, and phenobarb levels, in addition to a variety of other metabolic screening tests, with our in-clinic lab equipment. In addition, we have the capability of on-site analysis of urine, fecal and cytological specimens. We screen for heartworm and tick-borne diseases such as lyme, ehrlichia, and anaplasmosis. Our experienced staff and veterinarians are skilled in collecting the necessary samples from your pet in a swift and non-invasive manner.


Our patients benefit from the option of same-day result on pre-anesthetic lab work, senior/geriatric screening tests, monitoring lab work and emergency testing. Laboratory testing can help prevent, diagnose, monitor and treat many health problems. For this reason, the laboratory in our clinic is one the most important tools we use to help your pet live a long, healthy life. We are also one of the only veterinary clinics in West Michigan to offer in-house equine, bovine, and ferret blood profile testing.