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Farm and House Calls

Are you having difficulty bringing your pet in for his/her needed medical care? Many pet owners suffering from mobility challenges, transportation problems, family commitments, or multiple or hard-to-handle pets struggle to make the trip to the clinic with their animals. We understand that this can be a challenge for many of our clients, but we feel that our patients' medical care is extremely important.


For this reason, we offer house calls and farm visits for the convenience of our clients and the well-being of their pets.  You can schedule your pet's examination and treatment to occur in your own home, free from the potential stresses of coming to the clinic. Our professional staff of technicians and doctors will do our best to accomodate you, and will bring all of our supplies and your pet's medications right to your doorstep. A house call can be an excellent option to get the care your pet needs at the convenience you deserve.


Call the clinic today at (231) 843-3213 if you are considering this service for your pet's next visit.