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2018 Client Survey Comments

"Great overall experience. Teegan is starting to feel better! Thank you!" 12/31/18


"We were greeted with very Friendly, courteous and extremely helpful group. The vet tech was very loving toward Miley. Dr.Glenn was very gentle and loving with her and took the time to answer all my questions." 12/25/18


"Everyone is concerned about your pet and very friendly." 12/23/18


"Friendly service." 12/22/18


"Each and every time I take my fur babies to the Clinic the staff and the veterinarians are outstanding. Biggest and warmest hearts that you could ask for. Always understanding and caring! Thank you everyone!!! Love Kimber and Kylo!!!" 12/2/18


"Country Veterinary clinic has the most knowledgeable and caring vets, vet techs and office staff I know of. Wouldn't take my pets anywhere else. Thanks to all of you for the great care Ginger and Summer have received there. You are the greatest." 11/30/18


"WONDERFUL Vets and Nurses... BUT: Prices are highest in area, , and the receptionist that greets us has always been rather unfriendly... or it would have been 5 stars!" 11/24/18


"Excellent staff, and excellent Doc." 11/24/18


"We've had so many problems with Kona & everyone has been so patient with all my phone calls, emails & visits. I've got to be that annoying patient yet everyone is still so kind. The vets are awesome & knowledgeable, answering all questions." 11/24/18


"We've used your facility for all our pet needs for 20 years and wouldn't go anywhere else. Thank you for taking great care of Sasha during her care." 11/24/18


"Staff is friendly and sympathetic to any concerns we have had." 11/24/18


"Dr Laura is always the best with Sir Cooper!" 11/23/18


"I was able to get an appointment that day because my dog needed vaccinations for the kennel. They didn't have to fit me in but they did and I really appreciated it. It does not matter which veterinarian or vet tech I see, they are all wonderful." 11/22/18


"God bless Dr. Mcconnell, we had a fantastic and compassionate experience and I am grateful for the time and attention paid to our situation on a Saturday morning." 11/21/18


"The vet was very happy and in good spirits. I could tell that they really cared about my puppies. And loved the fact that I bought two puppies at one time!" 11/13/18


"The care was exceptional. I knocked down the ranking due to the fact that I came to the clinic because you opened before any others. I waited an hour and 15 minutes before actually being seen due to the fact that a vet was not in until 9 am." 11/12/18


"Professional and extremely caring." 11/8/18


"I've always brought all my pets here for everything. They have always treated us with respect and kindness." 11/5/18


"Price was not as bad as I thought it would be. Employees very friendly." 11/5/18


"Have had all my pets and livestock cared for by this practice for 40 years. Never a problem." 11/3/18


"I've always gotten good care for all of the pets I've brought there. And have never had a reason to complain about service from the front desk, or any of the Vets there." 11/2/18


"I feel my pets are treated with compassion and that our concerns are addressed every visit." 11/1/18


"J___ and M___ really appreciate your concern and loving treatment. I can't say the love going there but they don't complain much." 11/1/18


"Dr. Waldo is the best! Listened to all our concern. Highly recommend!" 11/1/18


"Dr. Crystal and the vet tech listened to my concerns and did not judge me at all." 10/28/18


"The staff and veterinarians are amazing. We've been seeing you for about 10 years through the extreme sadness of saying goodbye to a loyal pet to the excitement of gaining a new puppy and everything in between. You all are amazing!" 10/21/18


"All around professional environment and staff at Country Veterinary. Thorough and gentle care is how I would describe my experiences with my dogs at Country Veterinary." 10/19/18


"Dr Glenn is AWESOME, always! Caring, listens to us, always teaching us. We love and appreciate him so much." 10/17/18


"Staff is always friendly and helpful and the then the techs and vets are the best with taking care of my pets." 10/12/18


"Everyone that is involved in the process of taking care of our pets from the receptionists, vet techs and vets, as well as any of those behind the scenes make our visits great. Everyone is kind, professional, thoughtful and very knowledgeable." 10/7/18


"Because YOU ARE THE BEST!!! Thank you for Your professionalism and Your Kindness to my Four Legged Family Members and to us....their Humans. Take Care and stay Happy, Healthy and Safe!" 10/3/18


"We love everything about this place-the staff, the services, the CARE given to our fur kids and us. Dr. Stacy is our primary care giver and we are so grateful for her knowledge, kindness, and for listening to our needs (and stories). Thank you!" 10/1/18


"Our pets have always been treated very well, as have we humans:)" 10/1/18


"Everyone was so nice and accommodating! It was so nice that they were able to see my brand new kitten on such short notice. Thank you so much for all that you did and continue to do! A++++ Service!" 9/24/18


"Everyone is very friendly and helpful." 9/23/18


"Dr Laura is wonderful treating my 2 cats. She answers any questions & concerns I may have & they respond well and calm with her. The staff are friendly and make you feel welcome." 9/21/18


"When [our dog] was seen August 22, he was diagnosed with ear infection. Medication was put in his ear but none was given for home. He did not improve, in fact, got much worse and had to be seen again. Bilateral ear infection. Should not have been charged." 9/2/18


"Every single person that works here is great. You all go above and beyond every time we are there. Dr. Laura is the best. She is very patient and allows my terrified dog time acclimate to her and never pushes anything on her." 8/31/18

"So nice." 8/30/18


"As always we felt we had Dr. Laura's total and undivided attention. Your clinic is more than 3 hours from our home, but simply said, Dr. Laura is the most professional, most competent, and most considerate vet we have EVER encountered." 8/29/18


"Professional staff who are genuinely concerned about our pets." 8/23/18


"The staff at Country Veterinary Clinic truly care about every pet that comes in. All of the staff are knowledgeable and polite. I couldn't imagine taking my cat anywhere else for the complicated dental procedure that Dr. Laura performed flawlessly!" 8/23/18


"I have always felt that CVC has had my pets best interest at heart. They are caring and compassionate as well as understanding of our attachment to our pets. At one point or another we have had experience will all the vets at CVC and all were great." 8/23/18


"People that live on limited income need payment plans to take care of their pet. Not everyone gets Care Credit." 8/23/18


"Great atmosphere, nice people who know what they're doing." 8/11/18


"As always, it is just a pleasure to come in a see Dr. Glenn! He is so caring about all of our animals that he sees and takes such great care of them. He gets them whatever is needed from vaccines to surgeries!!" 8/10/18


"Dr. Glenn listened intently to my concerns particularly when I called him later that day from Blue Pearl. Harley is still living happily 4 days after they advised me that he should be put down. Dr. Glenn was right to encourage me to bring him home." 8/7/18


"The best veterinarian clinic we've been to. All the staff were super friendly and extremely knowledgable." 8/7/18


"Thank you for listening to my concerns about Misha getting her nails clipped and allowing me to be with her for her comfort. Great job on both dogs!" 8/5/18


"Dr Laura was very thorough and gentle with my dogs. She relayed information to me in a way that I understood it and didn't push any unnecessary treatment. She's a very caring person and genuinely loved on my dogs!" 8/4/18


"100% satisfied. I was on vacation when my dog got sick. The staff was friendly & efficient. The tech & vet were great with my dog! He usually has severe anxiety but had a positive experience. This would be my #1 choice for a vet if I lived here." 8/4/18


"First visit, seemed very caring!" 8/4/18


"Your pricing for services is high compared to some other clinics so for referrals I just say we have a good experience and let others decide." 8/2/18


"I was impressed with the friendliness and genuine concern of the staff . I feel confident bringing Louie back for any of his health needs." 7/29/18


"I thought the Veterinarian was very nice and she truly cared about my dog. thanku." 7/25/18


"Everyone is always very friendly, and Dr. Glenn is the best!!" 7/22/18


"Dr. Laura absolutely knows her stuff. Very good vet. Great diagnosis, great communication, great information. Clinic is a touch expensive, especially with 2 dogs." 7/22/18


"Felt like you really cared for me and my pet." 7/16/18


"Excellent service." 7/16/18


"Everyone was super nice." 7/16/18


"Always a good experience when we visit CVC." 7/13/18


"Alway kind and compassionate wouldn't take my pet anywhere else." 7/12/18


"Country Vet was WONDERFUL! My husband and I were camping with our 9 year old cattle dog mix when she got into it with a porcupine. We had never been to this vet before, and they were so great! Would definitely recommend!" 7/10/18


"You addressed my concerns for my pet in a very timely manor. The exam was thorough and complete. Staff were kind and considerate. I am a new client and have a senior large dog that was given fantastic care!!!" 7/9/18


"Very caring professionals, always show our dog and us very personal interest." 7/9/18


"We moved to the area with an old dog that was 170 pounds. He got to a point quickly that he could no longer get up. Country Clinic was recommend to us, we called them and they not only came out to our house but worked with us after hours. Love them!" 7/9/18


"Everyone is so friendly." 7/2/18


"checking out was rude and treated like I was stupid. If my daughter wishes to bring Lucky she can but I wont be back." 7/2/18


"I love doctor Laura! She was friendly, knowledgeable, and very helpful. My last vet gave me advice for my rabbit like do not neuter him that went against everything I have learned in vet tech school. Country Clinic is the best clinic I've been too!" 7/2/18


"The staff members, docs included, are friendly, compassionate and smart." 6/29/18


"I have always been comfortable with the vets and so have my dogs. I recommend them to many of my friends." 6/29/18


"I just moved to Michigan, called for an appointment, they got me in the next day. Everyone was so amazing! Thank You" 6/19/18


"Friendliness of staff and the vet, concern for my dog." 6/18/18


"Dr. Laura is our regular Vet but due to scheduling we saw Dr. Crystal. She was great.....and a nice addition to your office!" 6/14/18


"The staff was friendly. Dr. Laura was kind and patient and answered all our questions." 6/14/18


"Because my wonderful pets and I are names and not just numbers! We all feel cared about because you DO care! Thank you for being there and being YOU ... that applies to all of YOU!" 6/14/18


"Very friendly and caring." 6/10/18


"My pet was attacked by a dog and I was squeezed in and he was taken care of. Then a couple of days later when a problem had arisen while I was at a wedding my son called and my pet was again taken care of. Your staff is wonderful!" 6/9/18


"Good job." 6/9/18


"As always, we get the most ultimate care here!" 6/4/18


"You can't find a better place to take care of your animals! They are all wonderful here. They treat your animals like their own." 6/1/18


"Just really good service, very personal with us and our pet. I liked the follow up calls." 5/21/18"Always kind and very caring to Rebel and us." 5/27/18


"The knowledgeable and compassionate staff support us in caring for our animals. We are confident that they are receiving top notch care and are grateful." 5/21/18


"Staff was overall very helpful from the moment we walked into the clinic! Very informative and educational towards the care and well being of my pet!" 5/15/18


"The only comment I have is that you can't get in to see the primary vet that you work with that is familiar with your pet." 5/14/18


"I have brought my pets here for 20 years. This is the most caring, patient-educating clinic I've ever been to. I wish they treated humans." 5/11/18


"I trust Dr. Glenn. Everyone is enjoyable, professional and caring. Top notch!" 5/6/18


"Have taken our pets here for quite a while and have always had excellent care. Everybody is wonderful!! Care is Great!!" 5/5/18


"The entire staff is always a pleasure to work with. Wouldn't think of going anywhere else." 4/24/18


"You treat all pets and their humans with the most considerate care and concern. The pets seem to be a bit calmer about their visit because their owners are with them the whole time, the techs and docs speak to them in a calm manner." 4/17/18


"I was sent a reminder for tests, and came in last week, only to learn that my pet needed another test for meds which made another visit this week. The tech advised me not to miss any dosages so I paid $38 for 12pills when that is what I pay for 100" 4/16/18


"Dr Payne is always punctual, sociable and courteous. He is very knowledgeable and patient with horses. Dr. Payne is an invaluable asset in our community!" 4/13/18


"Very happy with all of our visits." 4/8/18


"Dr. Glenn was exceptional in taking time to talk and discuss. Did not feel hurried in any way ... was my first time meeting him and he was wonderful." 4/5/18


"Very friendly and accessible staff. Dr Laura is always caring and sweet and my mutts love her and the staff. So refreshing for me and for my pets to not be afraid entering a vetrinary office. Best ever!" 4/3/18


"I feel that they take a person interest in the health of my fur baby:)" 4/1/18


"The staff are always so pleasant and happy, and go above and beyond my expectations to answer my questions and help keep me educated about my pet's health. My pets are always cared for in a kind and loving way!" 3/26/18


"My pets have always received excellent care here. All the Dr's and staff are super friendly, caring, and very knowledgeable. My dog loves them." 3/23/18


"We have the utmost trust in Dr. Laura and the entire staff. Our thoughts & concerns are not only welcomed but acted-upon when it comes to Cassie's health." 3/19/18


"I feel my dogs get quality care from the veterinarians at CVC! They take the time to listen to your concerns and answer questions. I'm very pleased with every one there. I am impressed by their compassion for the pets they tend to." 3/11/18


"The compassion and concern about my kitty's condition helped make the right decision in the end even though it was hard to lose my kitty I know you all helped us." 3/9/18


"Feel very confident our cat is getting the very best care." 3/9/18


"Dr Laura sat in the floor and played with McGee. Also McGee was trying to get back into the clinic while I payed the bill instead of hugging the door to get out." 3/9/18


"The doctors understand our love for our pets but also recognize our financial limitations in caring for our pets. We are not coerced into treatments or procedures that are not necessary to the health of the pet." 2/25/18


"I feel very confident in taking my pets there anytime from shots to surgery." 2/24/18


"Glenn as usual was through with the examination of Eli and offered his best judgement and advise about going forward." 2/16/18


"As usual, everyone was very nice!" 2/15/18


"Everything was fully explained and our questions fully answered." 2/12/18


"I really enjoyed my vet visit for Susie. I was very worried about my cat. Well I was very surprised about the amount of my bill. I don't make very much money in my social security payment, I wish the bill wasn't as expensive." 2/8/18


"Have had difficulty getting lab results timely last three visits. Having to call to follow-up. First two times were for thyroid levels. Last time was Progesterone level for breeding. (I have already discussed the Progesterone testing w/ Vet.)" 2/4/18


"We always feel our pet is top priority when we are there." 1/28/18


"I think everyone, especially the veterinarian, was beyond expectations. I really appreciated their concerns. I feel that our pets are getting excellent care. Thank you." 1/28/18


"Office seems truly concerned about my special needs cat." 1/22/18


"First visit to this clinic. Vet spent a lot of time with me and my old pug, discussing not only "the patient" but my two other dogs as well. We had used a clinic in the Detroit area for 30 years and were worried about a change. We are very pleased." 1/21/18


"I have always gone there and not about to change at this late date!!" 1/21/18


"Helpful in explaining my pet's condition and was willing to listen to and consider my questions and concerns." 1/19/18


"Great experience all around from the front desk to the exam room. Dr. Waldo and her staff are truly top notch!" 1/19/18


"I don't think there is anywhere else that I would get better care for my cats. We are very blessed to have the Country Veterinary Clinic." 1/15/18


"Dr. Laura has taken care of my pets for many years now. She always takes the time to answer any questions and gives the best care possible to them too." 1/13/18


"What a wonderful experience we had with our first visit with our new puppy Ollie!! Everyone is very kind and sincere! Dr Glenn shook our hand to introduce himself and answered all our questions! You can tell he cares and so does his staff!! Thank you" 1/12/18


"We've been going there since we moved up here in 2001 or 2, we love the friendliness and clean office. Dr. Glenn is awesome and we wouldn't go to any other Vet. Plain and simple, he's the best." 1/8/18


"You guys are simply the BEST!" 1/8/18


"Everyone was very courteous and caring towards not only my pet but me as well." 1/7/18


"My pets always receive the highest level of care, knowledge and skill at CVC. I am so thankful we have such a high level of professionalism in our small community. They're the BEST!" 1/5/18