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2017 Client Survey Comments

"Quality time was spent during the exam with Emme. They gave her peanut butter to settle her during the exam that worked like a dream. The vet and vet tech answered all my questions that I had." 12/21/17


"It was a quick wait and a complete checkup. The staff were all friend as well as the vet." 12/18/17


"Dr Glenn appeared knowledgeable and explained everything with great detail. The receptionists and techs were friendly and courteous." 12/17/17


"Dr. Glenn is very thorough and you can tell he loves animals. His assistant and office staff as well." 12/13/17


"Dr. Laura is our main vet. She has cared for three of our dogs over the last 10 years. All were rescue dogs and one, Jack had been a breeder from a "designer dog" mill. He was a tough little guy and a fear biter. She treated him with love & respect." 12/11/2017




"Very friendly yet professional and knowledgeable." 12/4/17


"Both Glenn and Laura are outstanding vets.  They provided excellent care to my dog who presented a very dire and difficult condition.  I was provided regular updates as to her condition.  Folow up has been exemplary.  They are the best!" 11/25/17


"Staff is friendly and knowledgeable." 11/25/17


"It was very hard to find a vet for my ferret, Stewie. I'm so happy I found Country Vet Clinic! The doctor was extremely nice and knowledgeable. Stewie was even so happy he gave her kisses after his visit :)" 11/20/17


"Too many good things to say, excellent leads the list." 11/20/17


"We absolutely LOVE Dr. Laura, Dr. Glenn and all the vet techs and front desk staff.  They are always accommodating to our needs, incredibly knowledgeable, and answer all my questions.  I would highly recommend Country Vet Clinic to everyone!" 11/17/17


"I have had you for years and been very happy." 11/15/17


"Our appointment started 45 minutes later then scheduled as the Vet was busy with another pet. First time we have had to wait so no big deal, we were updated after about 30 minutes that it would be a little longer before Dr. Stacy would be available." 11/6/17


"Great service.  They were able to get me in the same day.  The whole staff was very welcoming and attentive to my concerns.  The only issue I have is with the costs of hte products/service.  They seem high compared to other local veterinary clinics." 11/2/17


"I called on Thursday about 5pm about Charlie and I feel my call was given the utmost importance by the office personnel. I received an appointment the very next day!" 10/30/17


"I have never had a bad experience coming to the clinic - the Drs, Vet Techs, receptionists are all so friendly and helpful." 10/28/17


"The staff was very knowledgeable concerning the many questions we had about Ram and his needs. They were all attentive to Ram and made him feel comfortable.. so much so that he decided to potty not once, BUT TWICE!! A special thankyou to everyone!!!" 10/23/17


"We were treated with respect, our appointment was on time, they were courteous and very helpful." 10/23/17


"We love Country Veterinary Clinic! They treat our pets as if they were their own. We are so lucky to have such a compassionate veterinarian facility in Mason County." 10/16/17


"The staff is very helpful." 10/14/17


"Very friendly and helpful. Not pushy, like other vets." 10/13/17


"I have been a client since the practice opened, for large animals and small,and I have never been disappointed!" 10/12/17


"Everyone did a great job with a cat that was rather troublesome. Everyone was friendly and showed they really care. Thanks again." 10/10/17


"Because we have faith and trust in the care our pets have recieved." 10/9/17


"The office was very busy when we came in and even though it took a little while to acknowledge our presence, we were taken care of courteously as soon as possible." 10/5/17


"I requested a specialist from my current vet, being my dog has massive weight loss and trouble with his hips. Dr. Glenn is going above and beyond to diagnose the issues at hand....THANK-YOU" 10/5/17


"We've used three other offices over the last 18 years. It's not just about the veterinarian, it is also about the staff. Yours is great. We drive the extra distance for the entire staff." 10/02/17


"We trust you with the health and well-being of our fur kids. You listen to us. You are caring. You are knowledgeable about all aspects of veterinary care. We like you and feel appreciated by you!" 9/25/17


"My pets as well as myself have always been treated like we are special, not just a customer. The time spent with us, is never rushed. All my questions get answered, if not then but as soon as possible. We could not ask for a better care." 9/18/17


"Always has been great." 9/18/17


"We have always been well satisfied with the care of our pets at the clinic. We have recently moved to North Muskegon (for our jobs) and actually made the trip back to the Ludington area to bring Momma Kitty to the clinic." 9/11/17


"I was stuck in traffic because of an accident and when I called the receptionist was extremely friendly and told me to drive safely. When we finally got there we were promptly seen and taken care of. You are the best vet I have ever been to." 9/6/17


"Y'all are great. Bones doesn't mind coming in." 9/5/17


"I love how they take care of my Bella. She's such a baby and they take their time with her. And they listen to any concerns." 9/1/17


"The best vet. Saved my dog's life twice." 8/29/17


"The vet tech was friendly and sweet to Ollie:) I had a couple of questions for her which she answered after checking Ollie's records. We also saw Dr. Laura ??on this visit. She assured me that Ollie is doing great. We left the office feeling happy." 8/25/17


"The Vets and their staff provide the best care for our dogs. I feel that every time I have spoken to anyone in the office, my dogs are respected and cared for. Staff is very knowledgeable and great at relaying info to me in terms I will understand." 8/24/17


"Knowledgable, personable service at a fair price." 8/23/17


"The entire staff at the clinic never fails to make me feel that my pet(s) are the best in Michigan. My pets get the best care, their records are accurate and up to date, and there is always a smile for all of us. Thank you so much!" 8/18/17


"Everyone did a wonderful job!" 8/18/17


"We love Country Veterinary Clinic!!" 8/17/17


"Everyone was very pleasant and caring with my pet and me." 8/17/17


"Fast, friendly, accommodating and available. Thank you." 8/14/17


"A very professional and knowledgeable animal hospital. I am grateful for the care and advice given to me in regard to my dog." 8/12/17


"Able to make appointments when I needed it, given help carrying in heavy pet carrier. Sometimes have long wait on phone, and I have to make a toll call to reach the clinic. Dr. Laura very informative." 8/11/17


"Dr. Rex is amazing! Calm, knowledgeable, kind and reassuring." 8/6/17


"Professional & courteous." 8/5/17


"I would never go to another vet unless there was no other way. Dr Glenn is the best of the best.I trust him with my dogs' life. He has taken care of three of my dogs. I come from Florida at this point in the summer and have my dogs' check up before we go home." 7/27/17


"Excellent service and care. Everything was great, really put us at ease with the health of our new puppy." 7/26/17


"The Country Vet Clinic was so kind and helpful. When walking in with a dog and a toddler it can be overwhelming. They were patient, knowledgeable and understanding of my concerns. Thank you! I have already recommended you to family and friends." 7/22/17


"Dr. Glenn spent an amazing amount of time helping me learn about how to give the best care to my new kitten! It was awesome and I learned a lot!!" 7/22/17


"At 4:00 p.m. before a holiday you fit us in and took the time to greet us and the dog, listen to our concern and talk even though we were from out of town. We were much relieved to see the vet and get our puppy on the road to recovery." 7/17/17


"Staff are friendly and take very good care of my dog." 7/17/17


"My pets have always been taken care of very well. Thank you for great service." 7/17/17


"We were a new patient/ family to the office and felt very welcome. All the staff was nice, Dr. took her time getting to know us and answered all of my questions. Great first impression!" 7/14/17


"There is nothing worse than having your pet get sick/hurt while you are on vacation. Your office was so pleasant to deal with and although they had no appointments available, they got my dog in immediately and took very good care of him! Thank you!" 7/1017


"I've always appreciated the professional yet friendly and supportive staff when I come for appointments. They always make me feel like my thoughts and opinion matter when making decisions about the care for my pets." 7/3/17


"Just moved to the area and hoped to find a vet that was good for our 10 year old Cairn, well we did." 6/25/17


"Have always been pleased with the staff and the care we receive." 6/25/17


"Your team was very professional and caring!" 6/24/17


"The doctor was wonderful and took the time to listen to all the concerns that I had. He made me feel comfortable about any treatments and genuinely cared about my fur baby. Thank you Dr. Glenn!" 6/18/17


"I have been a patient/client since Sexy Rexy was a lot younger, and so was I :)  I love the vets, technicians, Carey and the other front desk people.  You have all been a big part of my pets' lives and I appreciate everything you do." 6/15/17


"The doctors and support staff go above and beyond to always make sure our dogs are getting the best care possible!" 6/14/17


"You have always given "my kids" the best care possible." 6/12/17


"Everyone at the clinic is honestly concerned about the health of our dogs. It is very impressive that the doctors are up to date on new medical treatments for their patients. They do not hesitate to send us to a specialist if needed." 6/12/17


"Willing to take Molly with bone stuck on lower jaw as walk-in emergency.  Gave excellent post removal directions.  Were also very kind to me!!" 6/11/17


"Dr. Laura was tremendous."  5/27/17


"Very professional, caring, gentle and knowledgeable staff. We appreciate the entire team." 5/25/17


"Best place!!!!" 5/22/17


"Because there is always someone there when I have a pet emergency." 5/22/17


"Staff is always friendly and show affection toward my pets. The vets are always very caring and willing to answer any questions and provide lots of information about anything going on with my pets." 5/22/17


"Because my puppy decided to take a side trip after being weighed, I was able to encounter seven employees. Every single one loves animals! I couldn't believe how sweet they were to my puppy!" 5/21/17


"I realize you were running tests on Maggie, but seems like we were forgotten in the exam room. I don't have an answer, I know it takes time to run that test. Maybe at least have some magazines to look at." 5/15/17


"You all are very talented and everything is perfect. Buddy and I look forward to seeing you." 5/15/17


"I feel that Dr. Laura is very knowledgeable and I like how she is so sweet to Molly & Jazzy which makes them feel more at ease with her which is very important to me. I trust her when it comes to treating problems they may have." 5/14/17


"CC has taken care of my pets for 20 years; the service, compassion, and personal touch is why." 5/8/17


"Love all of you. You all are very professional and caring." 5/5/17


"I was told it was around $140 to neuter my cat. I ended up paying $256. I had asked on the phone if there was any "hidden" costs months in advance. I was irritated with the price but I can't say I wasn't pleased in the end." 4/29/17


"The staff and vets are very nice and very caring to our pets. They answer all of our concerns." 4/29/17


"Everyone is always smiling and helpful. Dr Glenn takes a personal interest in Misty and listens to all of your concerns. He is a very special vet and person." 4/25/17


"Everyone is professional, kind and aways helpful. It is easy to tell, they truly love animals and people too!!!" 4/22/17


"After many, many years as a customer I can only think of one visit where I was not 100% satisfied with the service. The entire staff has always shown extreme care and compassion. Thank you Rex for setting and maintaining such high standards." 4/21/17


"Waited a long time before getting in although usually I've gone in right on time in the past." 4/20/17


"We are treated very well, and the staff care for our dog and cat like they are their own. They are very caring and take the time that is necessary to care for all needs." 4/19/17


"Very thorough." 4/17/17


"The best!" 4/12/17


"Usually I give 5 stars, but this visit I didn't because the assistant came out to give the wrong vaccination." 4/8/17


"Best vet experience I have ever had. Super friendly, courteous, helpful, and knowledgeable people." 4/4/17


"Always a good experience when we have appointments at the vet. All the staff is very pleasant to deal with. Will definitely recommend to my friends." 4/1/17


"Always a wonderful experience. Feels like family." 4/1/17


"Very happy with Bama's care." 3/26/17


"Dr Waldo & Mandi made our visit a pleasure & provided excellent care to Cherry. When we turn into your parking lot, Cherry is bouncing off the doors & can't wait to come in--that says it all! Dr Waldo connects w/Cherry & is the best vet. Thank you!" 3/24/17


"Always competent care!" 3/24/17


"Each one of you is consistently kind and caring toward my dogs and I. And of course knowledgeable too! Thanks!" 3/19/17


"Very knowledgeable and helpful when answering my questions. :)" 3/18/17


"Dr. Payne has been our vet for 45 Years." 3/17/17


"Staff were very personable and willing to listen and problem solve our pets situation." 3/12/17


"Was seen timely and all questions were answered." 3/11/17


"The staff at CVC help me be a better pet parent by teaching me all about what's going on with my pets. They are open about treatment options, and always work us in when we have a serious problem. They truly care about all animals and their parents!" 3/11/17


"Everyone there is so nice and welcoming. Listens to what I have to say about my pets and explains what is happening/care that needs to be met in a understanding way." 3/11/17


"I had other concerns about another dog at home and Dr. Glenn took time to listen to my questions and answer them thoroughly and set up a plan for him. Once again he and everyone there were wonderful, treated liked family, like always." 3/7/17


"Extremely happy with the treatment Kisko received from Glenn and Mandi!" 3/6/17


"Your office has the best animal care by far. The staff is kind, courteous, considerate and SUPER compassionate. I have put dogs down, YOU understand they are family. You go the extra mile no matter what is involved. ABSOLUTELY WILL NEVER GO ELSEWHERE." 3/6/17


"Our dog loves Dr. Glenn, he is always so happy to see him and his staff!" 2/25/17


"Everyone that works there is always smiling." 2/24/17


"My cats always get the best care here!" 2/17/17


"Dr Stacy very knowledgeable, great assessment skills, very pleasant & attentive to our emotional decisions while still tx our elderly poodle April! All staff very kind, especially enjoy seeing Shelley's smile at the front desk. TY!" 2/13/17


"Pet care is wonderful and interactions with the staff always professional and caring." 2/4/17


"I Love this place and always recommend them!" 2/3/17


"Excellent visit, excellent care, Highly recommend." 1/30/17


"Great staff, accommodating, efficient and available when needed." 1/28/17


"You seem to know that our pets are our family. I have never heard you say it's just a cat from the humane society." 1/23/17


"Great staff and our experience is always outstanding. Wish the wait time in the exam rooms was a little shorter with less time taken with the tech that takes us to the exam room." 1/23/17


"Post-operative care provided and pain medications appropriate to lab indications. Pet care is becoming more expensive than our personal Medicare costs." 1/22/17


"All of the vets and their staff have demonstrated professionalism, courtesy, and compassion in caring for our many pets." 1/16/17


"Friendly, courteous, caring, knowledgable, welcoming atmosphere." 1/2/17