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2019 Client Survey Comments

"The staff is very professional and friendly. We are very pleased with the treatment and care our little bunny recieved. Without the Drs. at Country Veterinary Clinic, she (Miss Bunz) would have died. Thanks you so much for caring." 5/17/19


"Country Vet Clinic always is caring, friendly, and knowledgeable. I have trusted my pet care there for years. Thanks for all you do." 5/12/19


"I've been having issues regarding seeing MY vet. Can never get an appt. when desperately needed. Not long ago my pet was given a shot for Rimadyl plus Rimadyl pills. She has a liver problem and this can make the problem worse. I am NOT pleased." 5/11/19


"Excellent, caring service, shares information well." 5/6/19


"Dr. Waldo is the best Vet ever! I feel so good knowing my baby is getting the best care available. Cherry gets lots of love and kindness from Dr. Waldo and her staff. Thank you very much. :-) " 5/5/19


"I feel that Dr Laura did a thorough job with Billy and is giving us options of how to proceed. Very concerned with his over all health." 5/3/19


"Great experience. You came highly recommended and I can see why." 5/3/19


"Everyone was friendly and provided an amazing experience. The appointment wasn't rushed and we received high quality care. I appreciate that it was a discussion on what is going on with our dog and we were given helpful suggestions." 4/29/19


"Everyone was friendly and provided an amazing experience. The appointment wasn't rushed and we received high quality care. I appreciate that it was a discussion on what is going on with our dog and we were given helpful suggestions." 4/27/19


"I don't like that vaccinations are given in the waiting room." 4/19/19


"Very knowledgeable and got us in very fast, and unlike other vets didn't up charge us for doing so, u will not take my pets anywhere else in the future!" 4/15/19


"We love all the staff at CVC. We have always been treated well and the staff members are very kind and knowledgeable." 4/14/19


"We were interviewed by the vet tech right away. However, we had to wait a significant amount of time to see the Dr. We didn't really time how long that was but it seemed a bit long. That is why we rated 2nd question as neutral." 4/14/19


"Answered all my questions and was very knowledgeable. Peyton liked her as well so made the visit less stressful." 4/14/19


"Dr. Crystal was wonderful." 4/14/19


"I like the knowledgable caring staff. They made my dog feel loved." 4/12/19


"You all are awesome! CVC has always provided the best care. Staff is always pleasant and knowledgeable. The vets are topnotch." 4/6/19


"From beginning to end, my experience with staff, behind the scenes and in person, has always been professional, caring, and kind. I could not ask for a better place for my canines! Thanks to all for your wisdom and kindness!" 4/5/19


"You gave us the information we needed to make the best decision for Alex's health care and made us comfortable with our decision on what to do." 4/3/19


"Although I had a technician do the test she was very professional polite to Gracie and myself, answered questions and asked if I had any questions. Was also greeted by a Dr. who stopped, petted Gracie, spoke and went on his way. I have been very impressed." 3/31/19


"Everyone was so nice and very helpful. They listened to my concerns and made a plan on how to address them." 3/29/19


"You have farm visits down to a science. Everyone was great." 3/28/19


"You made me feel well cared for and Stella was treated like an important patient. Thank you." 3/25/19


"Friendly staff and great veterinarians." 3/24/19


"Your service is excellent although your prices seem to elevate quite highly." 3/23/19


"The staff is always so friendly (love Carey) and professional." 3/21/19


"Front office were professional. The M.A. was to speedy with Q&A. Waited to long for the Dr. We spoke of a few items of concern, but was never told what to do. I didn't see much of an exam." 3/21/19


"For all of the reasons listed above and the availability of care for Dulce on a weekend." 3/19/19


"I was very happy with my first experience at your clinic. Everyone was super friendly. Very glad I made the switch." 3/18/19


"You made us feel so welcome and you were so prompt on helping us through the emergency we had thank you so much." 3/18/19


"I've been coming there for years and have she's recurved excellent care for my pets. They are kind and extremely knowledgeable." 3/9/19


"Very friendly, patient, taking time to answer all my concerns and not rushing." 3/9/19


"Wonderful people that make your pet and yourself feel very comfortable, welcomed and cared for." 2/25/19


"Dr. Fournier is incredibly knowledgeable, won?t go to any other vet now that I?ve been with her." 2/24/19


"This is a wonderful veterinary clinic! Love Dr. Glenn and the whole staff! Other vets are great too. Just happen to usually see Dr. Glenn!" 2/24/19


"Dr. Laura and her tech were absolutely wonderful with Maggie. I was expecting a real battle, but not at all. Hopefully we will continue making big strides with Maggie." 2/20/19


"Doctors Glenn & Laura, are the best! Carey, Betty, Shelley, Mandy, and the other staff members add to the great care!" 2/16/19


"I'm beyond thrilled with the compassion and treatment of our family and Rika during what could've been a very rough time. Dr. Crystal is amazing and you are very lucky to have her at the clinic! The clinic is beautiful. The staff is very caring! A+" 2/14/19


"Great Vet Office. Very caring staff." 2/11/19


"Just by hearing what I said, they figured out what test needed to be done. They didn't push me to have the rest done, but I'm glad I did. They figured out some important information. Also gave my dog some meds and now she is up and moving again." 2/10/19


"We got an appointment within a couple of hours of calling. We were diagnosed and began treatment immediately. Questions were answered by phone. Everyone was very helpful." 2/10/19


"I have been going to the Country Vet Clinic for over 30 years. They continue to have excellent standards, ever striving to stay main stream with pet care innovations and my pets' best care. Thank you!" 2/9/19


"Very pleasant experience from the time I initially called for the appointment, the day of the appointment and the followup afterwards." 2/7/19


"Friendly, knowledgable, great care for Miya." 1/25/19


"My husband had brought Jack in and was very impressed with team at CVC. We are blessed to have such a great team of experts so close to us! Jack you're in great hands!" 1/25/19


"Dr. Payne has always gone above and beyond for our large animals. This case was no exception. It will be a sad day when he retires and we have to find a new vet....he has some very very big shoes to fill!!!!" 1/24/19


"Thanks for your help!" 1/22/19


"The staff at Country Vet Clinic treated my dog with respect. My dog is very weary of the vet office as she has had some setbacks in her life. They take the proper steps in accommodating us and providing the service she needs." 1/22/19


"Absolutely loved the vet that treated Bean Sprout. She got amazing care and I would recommend her to anyone. Very clear and caring in her care and explanation of what was going on." 1/22/19


"Whenever I bring my cats in, they have the best care ever. Dr Glenn is the very best. I feel very grateful that he cares for my cats. Thank you Glenn!!!" 1/21/19


"You're just the BEST!" 1/18/19


"We have been using Country Vet for over 20 years. Very caring staff of professionals. Dr. Crystal is a wonderful addition. She was so nice and caring." 1/17/19



"We are new clients and thrilled about the care we received, the professionalism and care from all who interacted with us. Dr Laura is the best. We are so grateful we found her." 1/12/19


"Everyone is excellent; professional and knowledgeable and never ever get frustrated by questions or having emergencies with older pets. The techs, front desk staff and veterinarians are all wonderful. Costs of services are my only complaint." 1/3/19